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Introducing Roots Road Sweeper Trucks

The Roots range of Road Sweepers is available in two formats, namely the RSR6000E and the RSR6000E Hi Speed Runway Sweeper. Our sweepers are custom built and assembled in Cape Town on a locally manufactured Isuzu 800 truck chassis.

Our sweepers are Regenerative Air sweepers and do not have cumbersome main brooms.


What is regenerative air sweeping?

Regenerative air sweeping is when air is recirculated at high pressure through the sweep head.

With the angle of approach of the air in the pick-up head, our machines can pick up anything from wet newspaper to bricks and anything in between, thanks to our 350mm diameter suction hoses.

Our suction head is a retractable dual chamber full width blast orifice with a sweep path of 2,030mm. To add to this, there is a 1,000mm retractable side broom on the left and right side of the sweeper, which gives us a maximum sweep path with both side brooms extended of 3300mm.

Once engaged, air is circulated and filtered, through the sweep head and debris hopper at around 18 000m³ per minute and the air is travelling at about 175Km/h as it travels through the sweeper.

Dust control is provided by small water sprays, in the debris hopper as well as on the sweep head and side brooms. Water is self-contained in a 1,000 litre polypropylene water tank.


See the Roots Street Sweeper Truck in action

All controls in our sweepers are “in-cab” and controlled by the driver with easy to use control panels. There are also extendable cable controls to enable the operator to exit the cab and empty the hopper whilst outside the truck if needed. All other controls such as water sprays, hopper control, side broom angles, lights (for night sweeping) are in the cab, so the driver almost never has to exit the cab while operating the machine. We also offer CCTV (in cab dash mounted colour monitor) to side and rear of the sweeper so the operator can have 360° view while he sweeps any road or freeway.

There are indicators which will show the operator what position all systems are in while he operates the sweeper as well as a load indicator which will tell the operator when the hopper is full and should be emptied. Our hoppers are made from heavy gauge stainless steel to ensure years of safe and practical service.

The auxiliary engine which drives the suction unit is a powerful 4000cc direct injection turbo charged diesel providing 75Kw or 101 HP power, governed at 2200 rpm. This engine has automatic shut down in the event of a technical problem as a safety feature.

Basic Technical Information

Some basic technical specifications for our sweepers include:

• Sweep path with dual brooms extended 3300mm
• Sweep path with one broom extended 2650mm
• Sweep path with suction head only 2030mm
• Gutter Brooms are 4 segment steel with locking pins for fast replacement without tools
• Hopper capacity is 6m³ stainless steel with In Cab dumping controls
• Side inspection doors on all hoppers
• Dumping height is 1100mm
• Dumping tilt angle is 52 degrees
• Sweep head is dual chamber full width blast orifice
• Suction Hose diameter on either side of sweep head is 350mm
• Sweep heads are equipped with tungsten carbide skids for maximum wear protection
• Sweeper dimensions overall are:

o Height 3090mm
o Width 2400mm
o Length 6780mm
o Empty Weight 8000Kg

Our Hi Speed runway sweepers are the same as above but we also offer accessories to this such as the potent front magnet bar. We also offer High pressure spray bars and a retractable high pressure water hose with Lance. Further we offer a wander hose at the rear of the sweeper to facilitate easy access to areas such as drains and gutters where needed.

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